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Wanna Start A Brewery? 30,000 Square Foot Turnkey Brewery Available In Charlotte

Old Meck is expanding and is leasing out their old space. Photo: OMB.

Old Meck is expanding and will be leasing out their current space next year. Photo: OMB.

By NC Beer Magazine

CHARLOTTE – The oldest operating beermaker in Charlotte, Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, says it’s going to be leasing out its current brewing space including over $300,000 dollars of brewery equipment as it moves to another location just down the street.

As such, the site is currently being marketed as a turn-key location for a new brewery ready to move into the Charlotte area with everything in place.

“The current OMB space will be available for sub-lease complete with all brewery equipment,” said a representative of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, which is helping to promote the building for lease.  The space will be available for lease in May of 2014.

In an interview with founder John Marrino of Olde Mecklenburg, he told NC Beer Magazine that they are excited to be moving to a new 8.5 acre site not far from their current location that they will own outright.

Marrino said that the new spot will make room for enough brewing capacity to make OMB the largest craft brewer in the state and with lots of green space, it will also allow them to have extensive amenities like a Munich-style outdoor beer garden [SEE SEPARATE ARTICLE HERE].

Marrino said they will move to the new facility that they have bought next year, allowing them to lease their current location to a new brewery.  He said they have a long term lease on their current space which is why they are subleasing it after they move.

According to the chamber, the facility that OMB currently occupies that will be for rent to a new brewer includes a brewing area, taproom, permitted kitchen, warehouse space, and more.  There is 30,000 square feet of overall space including a 15,000 square foot warehouse area, a 1,700 square foot taproom, and 1,700 square feet of event space.

They said that the facility includes around $182,500 of base beer making equipment with additional optional equipment totaling $177,000 for a total of $359,500 total.  Upfits to the building were worth $600,000 says the chamber in a flyer promoting the site.

The fermenters that are on site will be left in place as well as various pieces of other equipment, depending on the new brewer’s needs.  For more information contact Colliers, the commercial real estate brokers who are handling the lease by calling David Gaston at 704-409-2379 or Rob Speir at 704-409-2370.

The move by the company signals their continued growth. Olde Mecklenburg has been selling as much beer as they can make and the new site will allow them to hopefully meet that demand as their sales continue to grow, says Marrino.  ::


215 Southside Drive > Brewery Facility
Complete “ready to brew” building available for sub-lease beginning May 2014. Utility and infrastructure upgrades already in place including retail tap room, kitchen, and private event space. In addition, attractive 15 bbl, 5 vessel (Mash, 2 Lauter tuns, kettle, WP) brewhouse, 480k BTU boiler and steam lines to brewhouse, Hot and Cold Water tanks, CIP tank, 2×30 bbl brites and 1×30 bbl FV, 2×60 bbl FV’s, Compressor, 2 roller mill and grain handling equipment, brand new cold room,chiller, and other misc. equipment are also available for purchase as part of deal.

Photo: OMB.

Photo: OMB.

Source: NC Beer Magazine.